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Southeast Kansas Business, Farm And Family Estate Planning Lawyer

Last updated on November 3, 2023

Without the proper estate planning documents in place, grieving family members can become embroiled in costly disputes after a loved one’s passing. The best way to protect children and other survivors from these entanglements is to have a well-crafted will or trust in place. My name is Mark Werner, and I am an estate planning attorney in Crawford County, Kansas.

Everyone Benefits From Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for individuals with high net worth. All families deserve to be spared from the added strain of unnecessary litigation, and everyone has the right to decide how his or her assets should be distributed – however big or small those assets may be. In my role as an estate planning attorney, I work with clients from all walks of life.

Many of my clients are business owners. Proper succession planning is the best way to protect financial interests while passing a business to the next generation of owners or managers. My job is to sit with business leaders and discuss their situations before advising them on which options are best. Even after my clients’ documents have been drafted, I continue to work with them so that if their wishes change, their documents will reflect those changes.

When determining how the distribution of assets should be done, I talk to my clients about their priorities and help them make appropriate choices. If I think it will be beneficial to them, I will talk to my clients about setting up trusts and other alternatives to probate.

Estate Administration And Probate Litigation Services

Estate administration, also known as probate, is the process by which assets are passed to beneficiaries from the deceased. When handling estate administration, my goal is to make the process as expedient as possible. I focus on the legal issues while my clients focus on grieving and moving forward.

I also provide effective trial advocacy on behalf of family members, beneficiaries, executors and others whenever disputes arise in connection with wills, asset distributions, trust management or other issues.

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To get started on your estate plan or learn more about our probate services, contact my office in Pittsburg at 620-206-4082 or fill out this brief online contact form.